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Product Description

NiceLabel Automation Pro provides a centralized label printing environment that easily integrates with business critical systems, without customization.

Centralize and automate label printing to increase efficiency, consistency and visibility while minimizing cost, maintenance and user support. NiceLabel Automation Pro supports an unlimited number of printers making it affordable for you to automate all of your printing infrastructure.

Centralized automation without customization

NiceLabel Automation Pro directly links your label printing infrastructure to your mission critical business systems without the need for extensive customization.

Your business system initiates printing through secure and reliable HTTP and TCP/IP protocols instead of dropping a file on a shared drive. Predefined data filters make it easy to extract, validate and manipulate label data from business systems. The advanced data mapper can also extract data from legacy systems or legacy print streams.

  • HTTP and TCP/IP connectors enable quick, reliable and secure connectivity.
  • Predefined XML filters provide easy Oracle and SAP connectivity.
  • Customizable XML filters help you integrate without costly customization.
  • Advanced data mapper lets you connect to legacy systems, print streams and reports.

Eliminate human error, improve efficiency and data accuracy

Connect your ERP, WMS, SCM, MES and PLM systems to your label printing infrastructure. Printing directly from applications eliminates the risk of human error caused by manual labeling processes.

  • Achieve data consistency by using master data and data validation.
  • Integrate into existing workflows.
  • Eliminate user interaction with printing software to eliminate errors.
Connect business applications and label printing system

Rapidly respond to label change requests

The NiceLabel professional label designer makes label changes quick and easy. Shorten label design time from weeks to hours. Be responsive to your customers and implement their requirements quicker.

  • Improve speed and flexibility in making label changes.
  • Meet regulatory requirements.
  • Support for global optimization and expansion into new markets.
  • Improve customer retention and new customer acquisition through reliable compliance with customer labeling requirements.

Label templates that work across all brands of printers

Business applications rely on label templates that contain a specific printer's command language or form designers built for laser printers. These label templates work, but impose many limitations, making it costly or impossible to achieve label compliance and brand consistency. This is especially significant across multiple makes of thermal printers.

  • Use an easy label design process optimized for labeling and bar coding, not reports.
  • Maintain fewer label designs - label templates are portable across 2500+ different printer models and brands.
  • Gain flexibility and agility by adding new designs within minutes or hours, rather than weeks.
  • Instantly deploy to all printers by adding one label file to the document storage.
Work across all brands of printers

Scalable at no extra cost

NiceLabel Automation Pro server license supports an unlimited number of printers. Unlike competitive offerings, no printer seat licensing makes it affordable for you to directly connect all of your printers to your applications.

  • Scalable to any amount of printers at no extra cost.
  • The high throughput print engine can simultaneously handle thousands of print requests to globally distributed printers.
  • A centralized print server eliminates costly maintenance and support of decentralized applications.

64-bit performance and mission-critical stability

Some of our customers print millions of labels per day and downtime is not an option. We've achieved unparalleled performance and system stability by developing our products using the latest 64-bit Microsoft technology.

  • 64-bit technology is faster and more stable for high volume label printing.
  • Support for load balancing or failover cluster in high availability environments.
64-bit performance
Industry leading certification

Industry leading certification.

As an elite Microsoft Gold certified partner, NiceLabel has the experience and technology to offer the best server-side printing solution. Enhance and maximize your printer performance by adding Microsoft certified native thermal printer support, for 2500+ models, to your Enterprise applications.

Get a complete solution with professional services, consulting and support

A wide network of partners in over 100 countries and our own local presence in Europe, USA and China ensures that you get an optimal solution and partnership for your business.

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals provide:

  • Analysis of your environment.
  • Planning, consultation and proof of concept.
  • Deployment: installation and configuration.
  • On-site and web based training.
  • Technical support and maintenance.
Add traceability and visibility

Add Control Center Pro for traceability and visibility

NiceLabel Control Center Pro is a centralized label design and management system for companies that require labeling traceability and visibility.

Easily control all aspects of labeling including security, label design, print job logs, reprinting and monitoring. NiceLabel Control Center Pro allows you to comply with industry standards, control labeling environment and quickly respond to label change requests.

* Control Center Pro is a separate product

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The NiceLabel NLAP_UE is also known as NIC -NLAP_UE or NLAP_UE