Our 300+ materials can solve any labeling challenge you have!

When considering customized labels, tags, receipts and wristbands, Advanced Automation has over two decades of experience matching customers to the right solutions for their businesses. We will help you determine exactly what you need for a successful custom label application. With over 300 pre-tested materials and extensive customization capabilities, Advanced Automation can create a custom label, tag, receipt or wristband to meet the exact requirements of your application. Access to state-of-the-art prepress and production facilities provide you the high quality results you expect and much faster than other competitors!


Choose from a variety of different adhesives that can solve the challenges of most applications. We offer high tack adhesives that can stick to some of the most challenging of surfaces. Pallet racking, powder-coated, produce corrugated boxes, outdoor equipment, outdoor signage, wet / humid environments and many more.   Alternatively, some need a label that can be removed. Potentially even re-positioned but with the same adhesion as the barcode label had on it's initial applicaiton.  


Will your labels be going into a refridgerator or freezer? Maybe you're storing vials or tubes in a deep freezer? Or possibly your label are on a product going through an oven or sitting underneath the sun all day. Hot or cold and everything in between, no problem. Advanced Automation has a label for your toughest temperature challenges.  


From full colored labels of any color you want, to corporate logos or anything else you would like pre-printed ahead of time. You are alble to designate where on the label you would like color and where to leave blank. It's completely up to you! Color can add a visual identification as well as reinforce company brranding on your barcode labels. Let us know about your pre-printed color labels needs.


Yes... Magnetic Barcode Labels! These can be very useful in situations where you would like to keep the label, but relocate it. Magnetic barcode labels could be used for pallet racking locations. Asset tags or license plates for parts or work in process flows. If the application is right, magnetic barcode labels are great!


Retro-Reflective labels ive your racking locations the readability you need in the warehouse. Retro-reflective labels improve the reflectivity difference between the barcode and the background. This is especially important when scanning racking barcode labels from a distance and/or in low light warehouse environments.


Void, tamper-proof, and self-descruct labels are all designed to deter removal and/or aleart the label/asset owner that the label /asset has been compromised. VOID labels will leave behind a "VOID" marking when removed. Tamper-Proof or self-destruct labels make removal nearly impossible without leaving a mess. One cannot remove the barcode label intact before it falls apart.


We offer a large variety of RFID inlays so when one of our stocked RFID barcode labels won't work, we'll custom product your RFID label for you. We can use a variety of materials and adhesives to allow your RFID barcode label to work in most environments.  


Primarily focused for mobile printer users becuase they are direct thermal only, tough durable labels can be made! We offer a few different synthetic direct thermal materials that stand up to moisture / water and even moderate chemical resistance. Durable direct thermal labels are also tolerant of higher heat enviroments too. They won't match a thermal transfer label, but far better than using a standard direct thermal paper label!

Why would I need custom barcode labels?

Advanced Automation has over 2,500 different stock barcode label products, which means we likely have the largest selection of in-stock andto ship labels. When one of these sizes and material types doesn't meet your business requirements for a barcode label, you can have the barcode label you need specifically designed and produced for you! We can produce any barcode label you need!

How do I get a quote for custom barcode labels?
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The first step in getting a custom barcode label is to request a quote. Your quote request will help us identify what requirements you have for the label with regards to durability, longevity, temperature tolerances, adhesion and any other special challenges you need to over come. Simply complete the custom barcode label quote request form below and let us do the rest. We'll come back to you with pricing and we can continue to dial things in from there! It's quick, painless and will get you exactly the label you need for the job!

How long does it take to get custom barcode labels producted?

Turnaround times for custom labels depend primarily on the label material selected for your job. Highly specialized materials will have a longer lead time than more common direct thermal and thermal transfer paper materials that are always on hand. On average, production lead times can vary from 7-15 business days from the signing of the proof. In many cases, we can improve on this, but always recommend budgeting plenty of time to allow for production.

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