We have plenty of products available for a demo to ensure that you're confident in your purchase.


At Advanced Automation, we believe thorough testing is key to a successful device deployment, especially large scale deployments. It's crucial to ensure the device you're purchasing can handle whatever software you're going to run and is configured correctly to handle the task or application at hand. Most devices come in many flavors, so it's important to understand the small differences. Our team can help you navigate those waters and make sure you're confident in your purchase.


If you plan on upgrading your device and migrating to the next gen model, then often times, this is not necessary. In the event you have software or infrastructure changes and want to be certain your new purchasing is going to function properly, then we can offer a trial purchase option. If you have changes in your operational procedures or new use cases, then it can often be beneficial to test a new scan engine or larger printer, for example.

Let us help narrow down the options.

If you you exactly what device functionality and configuration you need, great! If not, we highly encourage working with our team of barcode hardware specialists to help narrow the devices down. There are so many different options and functionality between the devices, it can be overwhelming to know exactly what you need. Let us help!  
We know the questions to ask and once we pin down the device that has the functionality you need, we can put it your hands to test and validate in your own enviroment!

Our demo Pool is REady to leverage

We try to have plenty of the latest and greatest products available to demo, especially when it comes to mobile computers, tablets and scanner. Just like checking out a library book, we encourage customers to return them within a couple weeks, but can arrange for extensions if testing runs long. Barcdoe printers are easier than mobile computers to narrow down. In most cases, thorough testing with these is not required and there are not as many issues that can arise, compared to mobile devices.

Ready to Demo some Barcode Hardware?

If you need to test a device out or work with our team to narrow down options, please fill out the form below. Ourteam of barcoding specialists will follow up with you shortly and discuss your options and timeline.