AP 7502


This compact access point is 40 percent smaller than its nearest competitor, but still delivers big performance. Just 3.5” x 3.7” (90mm x 95mm), the AP 7502 can fit onto any Cat5e wall plate via the global mounting bracket, allowing you to leverage your existing infrastructure to deliver high-speed wireless LAN.  The AP 7502 offers easy snap-on installation to existing wall cabling. Configuration is automatic on installation and the access point supports remote management. A mounting bracket makes installation even easier and ensures the access point’s low-profile impact on room décor.

The AP 7502 is an inconspicuous and tamper-proof access point which hides in plain sight, ideal for hotel rooms, classrooms, apartments, or dorm rooms. With 802.11n and 802.11ac radios, five internal antennas, and a host of Zebra-exclusive features, this little access point can deliver wireless LAN connectivity to each device in the room. Its understated, secure design is also energy efficient to provide superior wireless access at a lower cost.