AP 7522E


The AP 7522E combines 802.11ac speed with 2X2 MIMO for a dependable, high-performance wireless LAN. High-powered radios mean you’ll need fewer access points, adding to the system’s economical price point. Easy to install and ready for expansion, this fast option offers scalability and affordability.  Combining 802.11ac speed with a comprehensive Zebra feature set - including 2X2 MIMO - means you deliver dependable, high-performance wireless LAN to your users. The AP 7522E’s high-powered radios provide a superior experience using fewer access points - without compromising access or speed. Install up to 25 AP 7522E access points without the cost of a dedicated network management controller. If you have a larger deployment, no worries. You can scale to up to 1,024 WiNG Express access points with Zebra’s WiNG Express Manager.

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