Zebra 4-Slot Battery Charger Kit - SAC9000-400CES

Zebra 4-Slot Battery Charger Kit - SAC9000-400CES
By: Zebra
MSRP: $450.00
Price: $338.29
PART#: SAC9000-400CES

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Product Configuration: ZEBRA ENTERPRISE, 4-SLOT BATTERY CHARGER KIT, FOR MC90X0, MC9190, MC92XX, INCLUDES POWER SUPPLY (PWRS-14000-242R), DC CORD (25-72614-01R), AND AC CORD (23844-00-00R) (REPLACES SAC9000-400R)
Product Description

Zebra SAC9000-400CES Charger - Charges 4 spare batteries for the MC9090, MC9190 & MC9200 mobile computers. Kit includes: 4-slot battery charger SAC9000-4000R, power supply PWRS-14000-242R, DC line cord 25-72614-01R and US AC line cord 23844-00-00R.

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Manufacturer Part Number SAC9000-400CES
Product Name MC9000 4-slot battery charger
"Compatible With" MC9090, MC9190 and MC9200 Mobile Computers

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