Field Service

Advanced Automation can help bridge the gap between your office and your field workers through the implementation of wireless mobile computing and printing. Mobile computing, mobile printing, and GPS can bring together a perfect combination to empower your business to become far more efficient, organized and professional. A few of the more commonly sought after benefits are…

Inventory Managment

Optimizing parts or product availability while balancing location and stocking levels is a daunting task. You can have immediate visibility to inventory – in the warehouse, in transit, at the customer site or in the technician’s or sales rep’s hands. Access to accurate product/parts inventory allows companies to improve forecasting, balance stocking levels, and respond quickly to immediate demands.

Work Order/Sales Order Management

Today’s equipment is wireless-ready to keep field personnel connected to the enterprise and accelerate the flow of business critical information across the entire sales or service chain. Advanced Automation’s products deliver the accurate, timely information that today’s dynamic companies need to make informed decisions and respond faster to customers. Our mobile and wireless computing solutions provide easy-to-use, reliable work or sales order management for any workforce.
Sales Force Automation

Advanced Automation’s customers know that delivering products or service to their customers is easy with wireless credit card transactions, Windows applications, signature capture and mega-pixel photos all in the same device, all seamlessly connected to the back office. Accounts receivable cycles are accelerated with on-site collection and on-the-spot receipt printing.

Leave your customers satisfied & confident.

Field technicians equipped with mobility tools can respond to customers more quickly and effectively than before. Instead of being in the office filing reports or ordering parts, service reps can spend their time with customers, fixing problems and reducing the number of repeat calls. And with real-time access to a wealth of resources, field technicians can be more responsive to customer queries and complaints.