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Working outdoors throughout the growing season is hard work. Whether it’s monitoring conditions and data logging to checking inventories of fertilizer to tracking assets, farming requires a computing solution that stands up to the toughest outdoor environments. Advanced Automation’s mobile computer solutions offer a variety of outdoor devices designed with GPS capabilities, sunlight – readable displays and integrated wireless communications to keep your farming operations running smoothly. Thermal printers designed to print on demand bar coded plant/product labels or tags are another part of a successful solution to streamline your processes.


The Horticultural and Agricultural markets are quickly changing, moving toward more automation and faster referencing techniques. Bar code labeling is an excellent way to implement these changes. Bar code labeling can be used for product identification for sales or tracking purposes. Descriptive labels can be used to save staff time, thus increasing efficiency and effectiveness that ultimately effect the bottom line.


Bar code labels can be used to identify plants being grown or sold. Various types of bar code labels are available, including graphics, for all your labeling and tagging needs. Labels can be used for hang tags, strip or loop tags, plant tags, pot labels and sticks, or barcode patches for pricing or labeling. Labels can include price, size of plants, PLU, SKU, UPC bar codes, color pictures, and/or your company logo. Labels can also include growing requirements, pricing, and plant maturation information for use in greenhouse, garden center, nursery, or retail environments.

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Agriculture Solution: Data Collection in the Field

For many field workers and researchers, collecting data and taking notes in the field is routine activity, requiring the right technology.  Often times, a consumer grade tablet or device won't cut it, as they aren't meant to withstand the outdoor elements.  With the right solutions, workers can have the piece of mind knowing that their device is not going to fail them, whether it's having a sunlight readable display or dealing with dust or moisture.  These are every day conditions that require task specific devices, that are up to the challenge.  Having a devices that can pair easily with other devices, such as mobile printers or barcode scanners, is also a must.  


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Our products are used in a wide range of agriculture and horticulture applications, which include:

Plant and Crop Identification

Field Notes and Data Collection

Laboratory Research

Supply-chain Management of Materials

GPS Tracking and Mapping

Field Activities such as Planting, Spreading and Harvesting

Animal Tracking


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