Barcode Printer Repair

Before you complete the following form, please keep a few things in mind...

Pricing of Repair  -  Because not all printers and repairs are made equal, each repair must be treated separately.  Once you initiate the repair request, our support team can provide you with pricing that you will approve (or deny) prior to any repair. 

Repair Warranty  -  We back up all repairs for 30 days from the original repair.  This warranty only applies to the original issue/problem and not the entire unit.

Type of Repair  -  Depot Repair is the most common form of service.  Because down-time is so costly for a business, you should have a back up printer allowing you to ship your distressed printer in and reduce repair costs.  On-stie Service is when we come to you for service, repair or regular maninenance.  (Example - Customers who have a large printer fleet, may have a technician show up for an entire day to work on many printers).   Either way, our expert technicians can help figure out what works best for you and your business!